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It starts at the source.

Nestled high atop California’s verdant Palomar Mountain, the springs of Namaste run cool and clear year-round. Fresh, pure, and delicious, the waters from our crystalline springs surpass FDA standards.

To preserve its purity, our spring water is harvested from the heart of the spring and carefully transferred at the source into stainless steel holding tanks. It is then transported to our bottling facilities.

The result is water that maintains its natural, refreshing taste and healthful properties – water that is as satisfying and restorative at home, office, or in the yoga studio as it is at the source.

Whether you choose our Natural Spring Water, Purified Drinking Water, Electrolyte Enhanced Water, Alkaline Water and our Flavored Water contains no additives and never will. Namaste Water LLC is also manufacturing & formulating a superior bottled iced tea, ice coffee and energy drink.

Our premium purified Electrolyte drinking water is processed using reverse osmosis, carbon and micro filtration, UV, and ozonation treatment resulting in crisp, clear, fresh tasting water.

Namaste’s passion for outstanding quality, taste, and purity is matched only by its committment to sustainable manufacturing practices and to social and environmental issues.

Our Regenerate Bottle is made entirely from Recycled PET and our ECO friendly watercoolers can be found at yoga studios, gyms and offices. We also offer environmentally sensitive water filtration systems for home use.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every bottle goes to support social and environmental causes that work to improve the welfare of our planet.

That’s why we’re not just a bottled water company.

Ask for Namaste Spring Waters at your yoga or pilates studio and at your gym or fitness center.

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To carry our premium waters at your studio, gym or store, please e-mail us at info@namastewater.com

And, remember, it starts at the source.


We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

- Thomas Fuller


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